Pest Control Deemed an Essential Service

  • July 15, 2020

COVID-19 has had a substantial impact worldwide, including within the pest control industry. Many states are reopening in phases, while others have had to shut down more. Curfews have been set, masks are required in certain places, and either quarantine or COVID tests are required for some travel.

During these uncertain times, there have been businesses in each state deemed as “essential services”, and in many cases pest control operators fall into this category. As protectors of public health, pest control operators play a critical role in protecting our food supply, grocery stores, homes, health care facilities, businesses, buildings and more.

It is important to note that if the state has deemed a business essential, it does not mean that they are required to stay open, but that they are allowed to operate while following social distancing and sanitizing guidelines.

Essential Role of Pest Control

There are many reasons that pest control services have been deemed essential during this pandemic, but here are a few that are important to share. The essential work from the pest control industry helps to prevent the following pest related problems:

  • Infestation of buildings, especially those that are closed during lockdown.
  • Damage to buildings due to infestations, nesting and gnawing.
  • Contamination of the National food supply.
  • Pest-specific public health threats from bites, stings, allergens, contamination, spreading of diseases, and more.

While this is not an all-inclusive list, it highlights many of the reasons that pest control services are essential, regardless of the global pandemic or economic situation.

Effects of the Pandemic

Although pest control services have been deemed essential, it does not mean that they have been free of the negative effects of COVID-19. During these uncertain economic times, and as protocols change, many services are being cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled.

Minimizing Negative Economic Effects

Because the pest control industry is not completely immune to economic downturns, it is important to recognize what can be done to compensate for the changes currently happening. As new leads come in and customers start calling for services, it is critical to make certain that protocols are known to, so the customers feel comfortable and confident having pest control services in and around their home, business or buildings. If they understand the precautions that are being taken, cancelled and rescheduled appointments may begin to decrease.

Many pest control companies are shifting gears and using their equipment, employees, expertise, and connections to offer sanitizing services as an add-on business. Much of the equipment that is used on a regular basis for pest control services, can also be used to spray, sanitize and disinfect buildings, parks, homes and more.Other essential services include construction equipment rentals, dumpster rentals and solid waste management as well as waste removal, construction services and wildlife removal.

Ongoing Need for Pest Control Services

Despite the unknown and the effects of the pandemic, there will always be a need for pest control services. Knowing there will always be a need for pest control companies and services, helps keep companies and businesses optimistic during this difficult time.

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